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Augmental is joining CME to build the future of learning

Since we started, Augmental has been focused on changing education for the better. We believe the old ways of teaching and learning aren’t enough anymore. That’s why we built an AI-powered platform that uses modern technology to make learning better and bring learners closer together.

Education today needs more than just videos, textbooks, and quizzes. It should foster collaboration and engagement with real-world challenges right from the start. At Augmental, we believe that learning should be a collective journey, where learners and educators grow and improve together, creating a more dynamic and effective educational experience.

We’re excited to share that Augmental is teaming up with CME, a leader in global technology. This is a big step for us, mixing our educational tools with CME’s vast tech experience and reach.

CME is the perfect partner to help us move our vision forward. With their strong tech setup and shared goal of excellent education, CME will help us reach more people and meet the varied needs of learners everywhere. Together, we’re going to make learning more personal, scalable, and effective.

With Augmental joining CME, learners will get better content, more tailored learning experiences, and top-notch analytics that fit their needs. This acquisition is all about opening new possibilities in educational technology.

The founders of Augmental will keep leading the team, making sure we stay true to our core values and goals. We’re excited to keep exploring what educational technology can do.

To our valued users and clients: we want you to know that your current subscriptions and services will stay the same. As Augmental grows with CME, you’ll start to see even better services and more benefits. We’re dedicated to using this growth to offer you more.

If you have any questions or need more details, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

For more information about our new partnership, you can read the full press release here.

From everyone at Augmental, we’re looking forward to shaping the future of education with you.