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Augmental adaptive learning is redefining education by providing online tools using Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality for digital native students. It provides an educational system that increases the quality of education and equips modern-age students with cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of students, educators, parents and schools.
Augmental Education Team Member Elie NAHAS - AI Astronaut
AI astronaut


The champion & leader of the team. When Elie is not reading about complex algorithms using machine learning and artificial intelligence, he would be sleeping (or sleeping and reading).

Augmental Education Team Member Paul BARAKAT DIAB - Creative Adventurer
Creative adventurer

Bringing digital to life

Everything Paul does goes with a touch of uniqueness & innovation. His fascination of Augmented and Virtual Reality brings life to the system by leveraging interactivity at its best.

Augmental Education Team Member Elie MATTA - Go-to person
Go-to person

Inspiring beautiful minds

The silent leader who brings out the best in us by thinking outside the box, from conception to implementation. Elie makes technology work for education and not the other way around.

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