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Everything you need for your school, an all in one AI-powered LMS

An LMS that empowers teachers and students with an authoring and reporting tool to transform their teaching-learning experience through a personalized and curated path.

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Empowering students through adaptive and personalized learning

A student portal designed to easily help students succeed in acquiring knowledge while studying and equipping them with a reporting tool to track their progress, mastery, and history.

Personalized learning courses

Blended learning approach

Accessible from any device


Student portal – explore our wide range of features

Personalized learning

Allow students to study by giving them customized resources to address their unique learning needs.


Unlock assessments and quizzes from the student’s dashboard after course completion.


Access detailed records of every step, content, answer, and level. Reporting on all historical activities in one place.

Online & recorded sessions

Authorize students to attend and engage in online classes as well as review a class they missed through recorded sessions.

Library of content

Access institution curated content and questions resources from the library of content.

Accessible everywhere

Provide students with the ability to access the content they need, when and where they need it using any device.

Do you want to empower and create better learning outcomes for your students?

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Content management

Create engaging courses

Build exceptional learning experiences that support and drive success for your students using our user-friendly content studio.

feature schools content management engagement lms augmental ltd

Manage. Drag & Drop. Schedule.

Seamlessly build courses from scratch using our content studio with a wide range of interactive content, including webinars and instructor-led training, documents, and multimedia.

feature schools content management course flow lms augmental ltd

Browse. Preview. Duplicate.

Create and share pre-curated courses with other teachers and/or students.

feature schools content management curated courses lms augmental ltd

Search. Preview. Add.

Search and easily add high-quality educational resources from trusted publishers within the on-demand library of content.

feature schools content management resources library lms augmental ltd

The data you need, the way you need it

We built the “#1 reports and analytics tool for education” that provides metrics that matter in your decision making by connecting student-growth and institutional success using reports for individual and class learning.

Tailored course performance insights

feature schools reports course engagement lms augmental ltd

Real-time and on-demand learner reporting

feature schools reports liveboard content lms augmental ltd

Student report card

feature schools report card learner lms augmental ltd

School level analytics

feature schools reports analytics team progress lms augmental ltd
feature schools user role management lms augmental ltd

Manage students effortlessly

Manage your teachers, students, enrollments, and permissions to suit your institution’s needs with a single and bulk upload.


Online & on-site learning

Provide your students with virtual and in-person teacher-led courses using various collaboration tools that work for schools of all sizes.

feature schools blended learning lms augmental ltd

Teacher/Admin portal – explore our wide range of features

We help you augment the learning experience by providing powerful and customizable features to help you personalize the learning experience for your students.

Easily invite students

Add users to your training by sharing a link, manually enrolling them or allowing them to self-enroll.

Personalized learning paths

Create adaptive learning courses and monitor each student’s personalized learning paths.

Roles and permissions

Effortlessly manage user roles, permissions, and access through your dashboard across your school.

Live & recorded sessions

Design sessions while virtually interacting with your students using our user-friendly tool.

User management

Manage learners and enrollments individually or in bulk across different courses and subjects.


Analyze students’ knowledge and skills by creating assessments using autocorrected questions.

15+ additional features and integrations


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Our AI-powered LMS is built with features institutions need to create value through one intuitive platform.


LMS you’ll need

The intuitive nature of the platform allows for a seamless on-boarding process.


Code-free setup

Seamless onboarding

New features regularly



Take control over the branding, look-and-feel, and complete feature customizations.

Branding customization

Domain customization

Feature customization

Custom features


Hosting and Privacy

Augmental is built to support our clients’ and partners’ security and privacy.

GDPR compliant

EU hosted infrastructure

Cloud hosted

99.9% uptime guaranteed

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