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Share your content with the world using our award-winning personalized learning solution

Everything you need to showcase, deliver and track your unique content

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An end-to-end white-labeled personalized learning solution to distribute your content directly to customers around the world. Learn, enhance and grow with analytics to help you make strategic decisions about your content.

E-learning for organizations

One solution to manage all your content

Enhance your customers’ learning experiences and grow your business using one platform for end-to-end content management.

Course templates

Create your own or use pre-existing course templates to deliver your content in minutes with our intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Wide multimedia options

Build beautiful, engaging, and interactive online courses with our wide and rich multimedia variety of content and questions.

Library of content

Distribute your courses, content, and questions to your customers using our extensive and curated library of content.


Simplifying content delivery for your customer base.

Personalized learning paths

Create adaptive learning courses to improve your customers’ engagement through personalized learning paths.

Live & recorded sessions

Increase your customer engagement through our user-friendly virtual session tool.

Course duplication

Offer your customers the ability to duplicate and use your pre-curated courses with their users with one click.

Roles and permissions

Effortlessly manage user roles, permissions, and access across your organization and your customers.

Augmental is user-friendly, both from a content authoring and learner experience perspective. Easily upload your existing content, create personalized learning experiences and seamlessly manage your account.

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Reporting and analytics

The data you need, the way you need it

We built an advanced and easy-to-use reporting and analytics tool that provides metrics that matter in your decision-making. Using data-driven insights to understand what is working, and what needs enhancements to help you make necessary adjustments to close gaps.

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Analytics and insights

Engaging with content

Comprehensive visibility on the performance of the content based on user usage, engagement and performance.


Data-driven insights

Let the results speak for themselves and make strategic decisions using our data-driven analytics platform.

feature content provider institution analytics lms augmental ltd

Course monitoring

Access powerful macro and micro-level analytics of your courses.

User insights

Access historical detailed records of every step, content, answer, and level.

Content reporting

Track content insights to understand what is working and what is not.

Institution analytics

Single and cross-institutional analytics helps you grow and improve.

Question reporting

Track questions metrics to understand what needs adjustments.

Demographics insights

In-depth performance insights for multiple hierarchical institutional levels.


Make our personalized learning solution yours with customized branding

Look and feel

Customize the learning solution to fit your brand and identity.

Multilingual support

Provide your customers with a multilingual learning platform.

Branded emails

Customize your email content, logo and brand colors.

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Augmental is more than a platform, we are your partner.

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Use cases

Empower your customers, no matter the use case.

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use case content provider higher education lms augmental ltd

Higher education

use case content provider academy lms augmental ltd


use case content provider corporate training lms augmental ltd


Limitless use cases


Explore our wide range of features

We help you augment the learning experience by providing powerful and customizable features to help you personalize the learning experience for your team.

Easily invite users

Flexible course enrollment using a shared link, manually enrolling users or allowing them to self-enroll.

Curriculum management

The easiest, most powerful way to manage your curriculum and learning outcomes, all in one place.

Simple onboarding

One-click sign-up and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to help users get started and on-boarded.


Easily analyze users’ knowledge and results using the assessment tool with autocorrected questions.


Simple learning assignment tool to assign users, courses, assessments, projects and tasks.

Community (soon)

Branded space for collaborative learning and engaging community to deliver an exceptional learning experience.

15+ additional features and integrations


Discover more

Our AI-powered LMS is built with features organizations need to create value using one intuitive platform.


LMS you’ll need

The intuitive nature of the platform allows for a seamless on-boarding process.


Code-free setup

Seamless onboarding

New features regularly



Take control over the branding, look-and-feel, and complete feature customizations.

Branding customization

Domain customization

Feature customization

Custom features


Hosting and Privacy

Augmental is built to support our clients’ and partners’ security and privacy.

GDPR compliant

EU hosted infrastructure

Cloud hosted

99.9% uptime guaranteed

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