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A specialized AI-Assistant for precision course generation and content creation

With Augmental AI, we are taking a giant leap forward in our commitment to provide content creators with the tools they need to deliver a captivating personalized learning journey that keeps learners engaged from start to finish.

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Introducing Brainy, your personal AI assistant powered by Augmental & ChatGPT!

Course generation

AI-powered LMS course creation that’s fast, easy, and effective

Step 1

Set up and assign your course info

Step 2

Select learning outcomes from a pre-populated list

Step 3

Configure your exercises and questions, and generate!


Have you ever wondered how AI can enhance learning experiences? Sign up now and experience the power of AI in learning! Generate content, assessments, and summaries with ease. Make learning efficient and interactive.

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AI in Education

We’re integrating AI ✨ deep into our system, enhancing everything from lesson planning, course generation, assessments, and reports

Tailor-made learning

Craft personalized courses by leveraging AI’s expertise and add your unique touch with interactive elements, customizations, and assessments.

Streamlined course creation

Experience quick course creation with our AI-powered LMS. Generate content, customize lessons, and engage learners on one platform.

Save your time

Simplify course creation and management with our AI-powered LMS. Save time and energy while delivering high-quality content that engages learners.

Get started

Looking to create a course with AI? Wondering how to get started?

Step 1


Enter your course information, select desired learning outcomes, and choose the right configurations. Tada! Your engaging and customized course is ready to inspire learners worldwide.

Step 2


Enhance the course by adding additional lesson plans and resources, precisely catered to diverse audiences. Let AI do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on providing a seamless experience.

Step 3


Set your desired price, publish your course with just a click, and start collecting payments directly from learners. Watch as your valuable content brings value to learners and success to you.

endless possibilities

Experience next-level innovation and possibilities

Lesson plan

Generate personalized lesson plans seamlessly integrated into your course, aligning perfectly with your teaching goals.

Assessment generation

Effortlessly create comprehensive assessments with the unparalleled precision of AI technology.

Resources generation

Generate, automate, and enhance your learning with real-time guidance for content and questions.

More features coming soon
Use cases

Empowering efficient and effective learning.

use case content provider school k12 lms augmental ltd


use case content provider higher education lms augmental ltd

Higher education

use case content provider academy lms augmental ltd


use case content provider corporate training lms augmental ltd



Limitless use cases


Brainy, your personal AI assistant for learning, will revolutionize the way you teach and learn!

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